WAT? Where haz Sammy beenz? Sammy has been busy being awesome, as usual. It’s been over 6 MONTHS since we updated this blog of his awesomeness. Several things Sammy has said lately reminded me of how awesome he is, so here I am, his humble mother – giver of life, owner of the womb that held such awesomeness for 37 weeks – and I am going to remind you of why this sweet child o’mine is worthy of a blog all about him.

Things Sammy has said lately that cause me to ROFL:

This morning, Sammy told me that his eye was irritated, but he said it like this:

“Mama, it hurts when I blink my ball…my eyeball.” Thank you LSP from Adventure Time.

On the same topic…Sammy was in the bathroom with me while brushing my teeth. He was checking out his ball (eyeball) in the mirror. I told him to not mess with it, especially with dirty hands. I asked him if he had even washed his hands yet today; he replied: “Yes, I washed them earlier right after I emptied the urine tank.”

Of course, I laughed…and said, “Sammy, you are a goober!” He replied, “You are a mommy.” This is true, folks. This is true.

So now for random pics of the awesomeness that is Sammy’s life, and mine – our little family and the good times we have been having.

Sammy loves Friday nights at mom's. Why? Cause he can watch his favorite shows on Netflix (Psych, Buffy, Malcom in the Middle & Raising Hope) & then just pass out on the couch with Fang, to be found Saturday morning like this.


Sammy had a great time hanging out with Uncle Michael, Aunt Mandy & his 2 year old twin cousins, Ceci & Abbi. While he was there, his older brother & I went to see a movie, then took shots of each other at the awesomest stop sign in our town.



Sammy's dad made him this AWESOME costume for 6th grade Ren Fair. He does have a giant Nerf sword, but fake weapons aren't allowed at school. Sammy did walk around all day saying, "NONE SHALL PASS!"


Me & Sammy at Ren Fair. You can't see it here, but I support my son - wearing my "Spamalot" shirt with the black knight on it, and on the back, "It's only a flesh wound!"


Sammy's older brother, Michael, and I enjoyed some "us" times yesterday. We got ice cream after the movie, and I dropped him off for his job-shadow day in the morning at the tourism bureau, so I had to get a shot of us there.


Please keep in mind that I make "duck face" on purpose to make fun of those who do it for real, thinking it looks good. ; )


This is top-runner as my favorite picture of the year, so far. We were at the twins 2nd birthday party, and they were goofing around & having fun, and I caught them walking around like this. These moments are rare, but I cherish them so.


One last thought….as awesome as Sammy is, I must mention that he didn’t become so alone. Sammy, from the day he could see straight, has always admired & looked up to his brother. Even when they fight, bicker, pick on each other (which is the job of a big brother – torturing his little brother, and Michael is a pro!) they realize that they would be lost without each other. Michael may taunt & tease Sammy, but guess what? He doesn’t allow anyone else to do the same. Michael is the awesomest teenager I know. If only he’d agree to allow me to have a blog all about him….sadly, no, fourteen year olds don’t want their mom blogging about them. So I’ll have to be content with mentioning his greatness here and my own blog.

To conclude – Sammy IS awesome, but so his is big brother, Michael – and Sammy wouldn’t be so awesome if he didn’t have an already awesome big brother to look up to & show him the ropes.


About sammyisawesome

Hi I am Sammy's mom. Sammy is 12 years old, right now. He is really awesome and lots of people told me I should have a website to chart his awesomeness. So here it is. You may think he is an ordinary 12 year old, but give this blog a chance and you will be a believer. Sammy is awesome.

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