We have a TARDIS!

After a few years of being a one-vehicle (truck) family, we finally got another vehicle today! Never in a million years (man, that’s a long time) would I have thought I would be driving a MINI VAN! We just got it today. It’s a 2000 Toyota Sienna, one-owner, 89k miles, and it is so nice, and the price…yeah, we rocked it.

"You could haul a lot of tacos with this thing." - Sammy









Sammy came with my husband and me to sign the papers and pick it up. He was bummed that it didn’t come with a flip-down DVD player, but I said, “So what? Read a book, kid!” Anyhow, he rode home with me in and the first thing he said was, “Wow, you could haul mega load of tacos in this thing!” Where, oh where do you come up with this stuff Sammy? I dropped him at home and headed to my book club meeting. Afterwards, talking with friends in the parking lot, I decided it was time to christen it with a name. I almost went with the “Tacomobile.” I don’t want to have the “soccer mom” vibe going on, because if you know me, I am NOT one of those! Then I thought about it….it’s blue…it’s bigger on the inside…it’s the TARDIS! I am thinking of getting a word decal made for the back window. But instead of just the word “TARDIS” I was thinking a clever play on words….maybe something only Whovians would get. Any ideas, readers? I will ask Sammy in the morning when he wakes up…because my idea of putting “Sexy” on the back probably wouldn’t work the way I imagine it….I keep humming in my head, “rock me, rock me, rock me sexy Tardis, all night loooooong!”

All Growed Up

Yesterday I came across a few pictures of Sammy and his older brother, Michael, from a few years ago. A friend of ours was taking pictures of them to use for our Christmas card that year. This was, by far, THE funniest:

What happened to these children? Who took them? Have you seen them?

Yes….those are my children. I think they are about 6 and 8 here. They used to get along fairly well then, not as much bickering and fighting as they do now. Sammy had not quite grown into his ears – although he loved what he called his “stickin’ out ears!”

Seeing this kind of made my heart sad. Sadder than a baby picture would, because I am realizing a bit more that they are not little kids anymore. They are big kids. They are “all growed up” as The Rugrats liked to say it, back in the day. Sammy graduates from the 5th grade on Thursday (he attends year-round school for those of you still wondering why he is still in school) and then he moves on to 6th grade in August. Michael will be in his last year of middle school and this time next year will be prepping for high school.

It’s weird how when your kids are babies, you are so anxious for them to learn to roll over, sit up, crawl, say “mama” and “dada” and then walk and learn to do things on their own. They do those things and so much more. You start to wonder why you were ever so anxious for them to grow…because then they will just get big and leave you, and you will have to say goodbye to their sweet little baby stages, then their adorable little toddler phases. Next, kiss the preschooler goodbye. Then your elementary schooler suddenly starts being embarrassed by you, as soon as he steps into the halls of his middle school. My point is…if you have babies or young children, enjoy every second! I know that I surely did…although there are times I wish I could get back.

I don’t understand those parents that are always so anxious to get away from their kids, or dump them off at a babysitter. I am always finding ways to be home with mine – and even spend time with the babies in my family. We’re all gonna be old and lonely before we know it! Take advantage of the youngins’ that love you while you can!

Please don't ever stop being awesome, Sammy!

The Doctor invades Sammy’s classroom

Sammy had to write a paper for school last week. The theme was to “invent a myth.” Sammy decided to figure out a way to write a story about Doctor Who and explain, in his own way, how stars were created. I read his story after he was finished, and was quite surprised that he came up with such a clever idea! I really think it would make a great premise for a story line, or maybe just a little side-note, in the show.

I scanned it, front and back, so here it is now for your reading pleasure. Enjoy

Sammy’s Joke for the Day

I’ve been very busy lately – my new job is a freelance website and graphic designer, so I am on the computer a lot more, but it’s work, not pleasure! Although I do enjoy it sometimes. Check out a website I just finished and has a cameo of Sammy and his dog, Fang (namesake of the “Get Smart” pooch) www.desotopac.com.

As a result, I haven’t blogged about how awesome Sammy is very much lately. I don’t have a lot of time right now, but I would like to share with you a very funny joke that Sammy made up a few years ago. It’s quite clever considering he was about nine at the time. Here goes…and if you re-tell it, be sure to give credit where credit is due!

– Have you seen that new movie “Constipated?” Oh…wait…it hasn’t come out yet.

Great Scott!

I  know right? Hilarious!  : )

Sammy vs. Shark Finning

We all know Sammy is awesome, right? Yes, yes. He is funny, clever and all that good stuff. But did you know that he is a bottomless pit of knowledge about sharks? He can tell you just about anything and everything you ever wanted to know (or didn’t want to know) about any species of shark! Granted, Sammy understands that sharks are dangerous, but he is very intrigued by the mysterious sea creatures, and always has been. He decided long ago that he wants to be a marine biologist when he grows up – even to the point of having me look up which colleges in Louisiana offer courses in the subject. Luckily, LSU offers a program, so he won’t have to go far.

Last year, he entered the Sci-Port “Art in Science Competition.” He didn’t place, but you have to admit, the sculpture he made was pretty darn cool!

Sammy's Great White Shark sculpture, made from found objects. It even glowed red on the inside, and felt rough to the touch.

One thing that Sammy is VERY passionate about is stopping Shark Finning. Never heard of it? Lots of people haven’t. He’s been talking about it for years, and last night, he spent an hour writing an essay about it for school homework. (Sammy attends year-round school so he is still in session until the end of June!) Here is a link to learn more about it: Shark Finning

Basically, people take live sharks, cut off their fins to use for shark fin soup, which is a delicacy in some countries. The fins are also used for lots of other things that really, we could do without or find something else. About 99% of the shark is unused! They throw them back into the ocean, fin-less, and unable to swim, they die in less than two minutes. It’s cruel and inhumane. Some may think, so what? It’s just a shark. But still…Sammy is even  open to coming up with ways to breed a certain kind of shark in captivity just for these purposes and killing them humanely for shark fin soup. Except it’s probably not as prevalent or even relevant in our society, so he feels like he’s fighting a lost cause, and it makes him sad. Finning really messes up the ocean ecosystem, and that will mess us all up eventually!

He has pretty much decided that his goal is to somehow stop finning. How? That is yet to be determined. Until then, he wants to come up with his own logo, slogan, make posters, artwork, etc…and if you know anything about me, when my kids say they are passionate about something, I will make it happen for them. So, keep you eyes and ears peeled…you might be hearing about Sammy and his campaign to Stop Shark Finning!

Sammy pets a shark in 2009 at the Audobon Aquarium in New Orleans.

Sammy the Ambassador

Can you hear the music playing as you read the blog title? That tune, you know, that they play when royalty is passing? Maybe that is the sound Sammy will make when he is passing….gas.

Last week, our friend Sara let m know via Twitter about a program called the Go Go’s Crazy Bones Ambassador. You see, Sammy & Sara are big fans of the collectible toys. In the very first post of this blog, “What’s in Sammy’s Backpack?” there was a picture of a small sampling of his collection. Sammy and I checked out the link and since Sara is a grown up (albeit and awesome one) she couldn’t apply to be an Ambassador, but Sammy sure could! We filled out the survey/application, Sammy had to answer some tough questions to prove his expertise on Go Go’s Crazy Bones. We also had to provide a picture of his collection:

Yep, he loves the things.

Just last night we received an email that he had been chosen as an Ambassador! Out of all the kids in the US that applied, they only choose 500 and Sammy got picked! How cool is that? According to the website, here is what he has to do:

What we expect from our Ambassadors:

  • Expert knowledge of Gogo’s Crazy Bones
  • Spread the word about how great Gogo’s Crazy Bones are!
  • Gogo’s Ambassadors will always encourage fair play and trading
  • We will periodically ask for feedback on future Gogo’s Crazy Bones and other products (4-8 times per year)
  • We will have the right to use Gogo’s Ambassadors’ quotes, pictures, feedback, etc.
  • Ambassadors can ask to be removed from the program at any time without question

And here is what he gets:

  • One Miro-K
  • Series 1 Sticker Album
  • Series 2 Sticker Album
  • Letter from Mosh welcoming you to the program
  • Official Gogo’s Ambassador Certificate
  • Ongoing opportunities for first view of products, new series, etc. from Gogo’s and JDNA
  • Special pricing on certain products

This doesn’t mean much to some, but it means a lot to Sammy! Imagine something you love…and collect. You are chosen to be part of a “club” so to speak, that gets special privileges, at no cost, and all you have to do is promote what you love! Very cool, right?

Anyhow, that’s all for now! Just wanted to share Sammy’s good news!




New cousin…and The Chunky Monster!

Sammy & Michael have a new baby cousin, Kelley Grace! She turned a week old yesterday. They finally got to meet and hold her this past weekend.

Sammy & Kelley Grace

Michael & Kelley Grace

Their cousin, Reagan, who is Kelley Grace’s big sister, was so proud of her baby sister! She was also enjoying the Barbie and her little sister set we brought for her.

Reagan, the big sis

All this talk of babies makes me want to post a cute picture of Sammy when he was one….

This is when he got the nickname "The Chunky Monster." We still call him that.

Sammy can reed boocks

I finally got Sammy to read something that doesn’t have the words “Ninja,” “Wimpy,” or “Crypto” in the title. I kind of forced him to read “The Hunger Games” knowing that he would love it. I promised him that when he got to Part 2 of the book that he wouldn’t be able to put it down…so he got to that at school today and here is on the ride home:

Maybe he thought the book was about lunch.

After he finishes it, he has to get started on the 2 summer reading books he has before heading to middle school in August, so the second & third books will have to wait.

We were very excited when my copy of Entertainment Weekly came in the mail yesterday! (For those of you who think I just sit around browsing the web or watching TV all day to know all that I know about pop culture…I really don’t, I just read Entertainment Weekly magazine.)

Katniss is kool

There have been lots of differing opinions about the casting & outfit choices on the web, but I think it works. Yeah, Jennifer Lawrence isn’t 16, she is 20. So what? If she can pull if off, what does that matter? Do people really think Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Harry Potter, is really seventeen years old? I think he’s like, what,  48 now or something and he still looks pretty young, but maybe not 17. Anyhoo, Sammy and I are excited, but bummed that we have to wait until March of 2012 to see the movie. I kind of want to re-read the books, they are so good! If you haven’t read them yet, even though they are young adult, I highly recommend them, especially if you like dystopian, futuristic, post-apocalyptic stories…and a really well thought out plot with characters that you really get to know and care about.

On another note, I think we are finally going to see “Thor” tonight. Finally.

Sammy Popping Into Frame

I recently looked back at some of my older YouTube videos and found a gem. I didn’t necessarily forget about it…I just had to be reminded! A few years ago, the boys and I were enamored with “Andy Popping into Frame” from SNL Digital Shorts. Here is the video:

So we decided to make our own video, inspired by that one…now, I am pleased to present, a much smaller and snaggle-toothed Sammy Popping into Frame:

Making Good Grades…cha cha cha cha cha

First let me start off this post with an explanation of the title.

A few weeks ago, my husband, Sammy and I were doing our usual browsing at the local Barnes and Noble bookstore. We always end up in the computer/technical books because that is where we usually find my husband. There is this one book that has always been there. I don’t think anyone will ever buy it. Ever. Here is the cover:

Cha cha cha cha

Leave it to Sammy to look at this book and make a song out of it. I wish I could sing it for you…hum the tune…something! Maybe later I can record some audio of Sammy singing it. It goes like this: “Making things talk, cha cha cha cha cha.” You sing it a few times, changing the inflection and beat. It is quite a catchy tune! So naturally…when I typed the words, “Making good grades,” I had to finish with “cha cha cha cha cha.”

Back to the subject at hand. Not only did I proudly attend Sammy’s graduation from the DARE program at this school yesterday, but I had the opportunity to notice a picture hanging in the hallway of his school:

They haz awesome lerning skils

Lots of other awesome kids in their class got A’s and B’s (Sammy’s usual grades) but Sammy and his BFF Chris were the only ones to get straight A’s! Go boys!

As for your funny Sammy saying for this blog post, here ya go:

When asked by the doctor a few days ago, during his physical for Boy Scouts, if he had any unusual lump or bumps on his body, Sammy replied, “Just my belly. And I have Dunlop disease.” I had to explain that because apparently the doctor had never heard of the common disease where your belly done lopped over your pants.