Can you hear the music playing as you read the blog title? That tune, you know, that they play when royalty is passing? Maybe that is the sound Sammy will make when he is passing….gas.

Last week, our friend Sara let m know via Twitter about a program called the Go Go’s Crazy Bones Ambassador. You see, Sammy & Sara are big fans of the collectible toys. In the very first post of this blog, “What’s in Sammy’s Backpack?” there was a picture of a small sampling of his collection. Sammy and I checked out the link and since Sara is a grown up (albeit and awesome one) she couldn’t apply to be an Ambassador, but Sammy sure could! We filled out the survey/application, Sammy had to answer some tough questions to prove his expertise on Go Go’s Crazy Bones. We also had to provide a picture of his collection:

Yep, he loves the things.

Just last night we received an email that he had been chosen as an Ambassador! Out of all the kids in the US that applied, they only choose 500 and Sammy got picked! How cool is that? According to the website, here is what he has to do:

What we expect from our Ambassadors:

  • Expert knowledge of Gogo’s Crazy Bones
  • Spread the word about how great Gogo’s Crazy Bones are!
  • Gogo’s Ambassadors will always encourage fair play and trading
  • We will periodically ask for feedback on future Gogo’s Crazy Bones and other products (4-8 times per year)
  • We will have the right to use Gogo’s Ambassadors’ quotes, pictures, feedback, etc.
  • Ambassadors can ask to be removed from the program at any time without question

And here is what he gets:

  • One Miro-K
  • Series 1 Sticker Album
  • Series 2 Sticker Album
  • Letter from Mosh welcoming you to the program
  • Official Gogo’s Ambassador Certificate
  • Ongoing opportunities for first view of products, new series, etc. from Gogo’s and JDNA
  • Special pricing on certain products

This doesn’t mean much to some, but it means a lot to Sammy! Imagine something you love…and collect. You are chosen to be part of a “club” so to speak, that gets special privileges, at no cost, and all you have to do is promote what you love! Very cool, right?

Anyhow, that’s all for now! Just wanted to share Sammy’s good news!





About sammyisawesome

Hi I am Sammy's mom. Sammy is 12 years old, right now. He is really awesome and lots of people told me I should have a website to chart his awesomeness. So here it is. You may think he is an ordinary 12 year old, but give this blog a chance and you will be a believer. Sammy is awesome.

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