Sammy & Michael have a new baby cousin, Kelley Grace! She turned a week old yesterday. They finally got to meet and hold her this past weekend.

Sammy & Kelley Grace

Michael & Kelley Grace

Their cousin, Reagan, who is Kelley Grace’s big sister, was so proud of her baby sister! She was also enjoying the Barbie and her little sister set we brought for her.

Reagan, the big sis

All this talk of babies makes me want to post a cute picture of Sammy when he was one….

This is when he got the nickname "The Chunky Monster." We still call him that.


About sammyisawesome

Hi I am Sammy's mom. Sammy is 12 years old, right now. He is really awesome and lots of people told me I should have a website to chart his awesomeness. So here it is. You may think he is an ordinary 12 year old, but give this blog a chance and you will be a believer. Sammy is awesome.

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