In honor of Intergalactic Star Wars Day, which is today, by the way, I am posting a picture that was taken a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

What happened to these little precious Jedi? They turned to the Dark Side.

Yes…that is Sammy on the left and myself in the middle, his brother Michael on the right. I believe Sammy was only 3 years old…I can’t remember the dates right off, but this was at the premiere of Star Wars Episode II. Sammy was born in December ’99, so you do the math, I don’t feel like it. I spent the entire day before with muslin and brown felt, cutting and pinning to make these costumes for them. Luckily they had the accessories already from some play sets they owned. (including light sabers, not pictured) And me? I already owned the Princess Leia wig, so I rocked it out with a white shirt and khaki shorts. Hey, it was hot outside. I mean look at me, I was much tanner and thinner back then – I could pull that kind of thing off!

The payoff was worth it. When we arrived to the movie theater, about 2 hours early for the first show of the day (we didn’t do midnight shows back then, Sammy wouldn’t have made it) the line stretched to the parking lot and curved around pretty far back. But oh my goodness….when we were spotted…every single fan boy and the few females that were probably dragged along broke out in raucous cheering! I even heard someone shout, “Thank God the Jedi are here!” Peanut was eating it up! Of course, Sammy was still super shy back then and mostly stayed attached to my leg, but that just made him even cuter to everyone…a Jedi mama’s boy!

There is one thing missing from this picture though: daddy. He was off at a training school for the Guard and missed going with us to this. The boys got their love of Star Wars from my husband, but I didn’t want them to miss out on the fun things that he would have taken them to just because he wasn’t here. Just last summer, my husband was devastated to learn that Star Wars in Concert was coming to our town and he would miss taking the boys, due to the fact that he was deployed to Iraq. He insisted I get tickets for us to go, and that I get GOOD seats. I did just that – we even took our good friends Chris and Sara – and it was wonderful. I did spend the entire time wishing he was there, thinking that every single little thing would be something he would love. We took a lot of pictures and made a lot of memories so we could tell him all about it.

So to end folks, our family is a family of Star Wars fans. We always have been and always will be. Maybe we are dorks, nerds, geeks, whatever…but it seems like these days, our kind is taking over. Everyone wants to be us. Look at all the comic book hero movies coming out. Sammy and Michael have been fans of Thor, the Green Lantern & Captain America since they could talk. Michael is probably the biggest 13 year old Cap fan in Shreveport! I wouldn’t know all I know about those characters if I hadn’t heard it from my kids. Look out world, the nerds of the world are taking over!

May the 4th Be With You!


About sammyisawesome

Hi I am Sammy's mom. Sammy is 12 years old, right now. He is really awesome and lots of people told me I should have a website to chart his awesomeness. So here it is. You may think he is an ordinary 12 year old, but give this blog a chance and you will be a believer. Sammy is awesome.

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