As I have mentioned before, I will be occasionally talking up my oldest son, Sammy’s equally awesome brother, Michael, on the “Sammy is Awesome” blog. So for the first part of this post, you will be regaled with a few of his (many) accomplishments in the past weeks. I need to catch up here!

Months ago, Michael made a short film for the PTSA Reflections Contest, the theme being “Together We Can.” His film won an Award of Excellence at the District Level, and today, at a special ceremony, he also received an Award of Excellence at the State Level! I am so very proud of him!

Michael receiving his Award of Excellence.

While I am on the topic, he also made a movie last weekend to go along with his book report for school, about the wonderful biography, “Unbroken” by Laura Hillenbrand. I have read the book and highly recommend it. He made a 100% A on the report, with 3 bonus points! I wish I could have been there to see him present it – he had props, he dressed up as Louis Zamperini, and when the film’s sound didn’t work, he narrated it to the class, with no notes or papers to read from. That had to impress the teacher!

A few weeks ago, Michael competed in the Holiday in Dixie Martial Arts Tournament. In empty hand forms, he earned a 2nd Place Trophy.

Michael's 2nd Place in Empty Hand Forms

He did an amazing job with his dream saber form in the weapons division….but didn’t place. Lots of people, including myself, his teachers and teachers and students from other schools were perplexed. He did so amazing & got such low scores. We were bothered by it, but what can you do? Complaining amongst ourselves wasn’t going to change anything, so we just had to let it go.

A few days later, his kung fu teacher called me and told me that after we left the tournament, she talked to some other judges and officials about it. She said that she formally protested the scoring for Michael. The next day, another judge that runs another kung fu school called her and said that he couldn’t sleep because it bothered him so much, that it seemed so unfair to my son. He called the school that runs the tournament every year and talked to the owner. After explaining what happened and his feelings on the matter, the owner agreed. Later that night, Harvey Kennedy himself, of Karate USA, came to my son’s kung fu school and gave him a First Place trophy. It really meant a lot to me that so many people went out of their way to make sure my son was treated fairly. Michael’s teacher that formally protested told me that she had NEVER done that before, and she has been doing kung fu for a VERY long time. It’s nice to see things turn out right for a change, because we have always enjoyed the Holiday in Dixie Tournament, and don’t want to  not compete because we feel the judging is unfair. (In an effort to not seem like it was a lot of people, it was the same judge that gave him a low score both times…which seems kind of fishy to me…but what am I gonna do, ya know? Life lessons.)

Anyhow, here is a video of his saber form. Sorry about the people walking in front a few times. Let me tell you…after he was finished, I can not tell you the number of people sitting around me that were just amazed and asking me if he was my son. They were complimenting him left and right. I couldn’t have been prouder, and no trophy could ever symbolize how awesome he did.

So…now that the big brother bragging is out of the way…onto the Sammy-ness!

What is the deal with Sammy and Paula Deen? He just CANNOT stand that woman! You would think that someone that can cook so many delicious things would hold a special place in his heart…but not so. I think if Sammy had to choose his favorite cooking show host, it would be Giada DeLaurentis. He thinks her daughter is such a cute little baby! Anyhow, he despises the way Paula says, “Hey y’all!” I think he just sees through her. He maybe thinks that it’s all a show and she isn’t really as “Sooooutherrrn” as she claims to be on her show. If you ever catch some of her older episodes, she doesn’t quite have the hair or her “look” down just yet, and she certainly doesn’t say “y’all” quite so often, if ever. Even when Sammy and I are shopping in Wal-Mart, when we come upon the cookware aisle, he will shun the Paula Deen boxes.

Punch Me Sammy!

He will punch them, make faces at them, growl, hiss, etc… Yesterday, I was home from work and sitting in the living room flipping through the channels. Sammy was asleep on the couch, where he hibernates when he is out of school for days at a time. I came across Paula on the Food Network and said, “Sammy…wake up! Your favorite show is on!” He groggily woke and watched it with me, making snide remarks here and there.

One that stood out the most and made me laugh so much I almost spilled my Cinnamon Toast Crunch went something like this:

Paula on TV: “You know, I remember one time when my neighbor in Georgia made ice cream out of snow for us. It was so delicious. That was back in 1973, I believe.”

Sammy (in dead pan, I can’t stand Paula Deen voice): “How old were you then, Paula, sixty?”

Maybe it doesn’t seem that funny, reading it. Maybe you had to be there. But if you know Sammy, you can just imagine it and it IS funny! Especially since that would make her, what…98 years old now? He was insulting the woman on her age and that is one of the worst insults you can give a woman!

I hope Paula or any of her friends or family never read this…Sammy might be coated in butter and fed to the Paula Deen monster!

He's delicious, yes, but please don't eat my Sammy!


About sammyisawesome

Hi I am Sammy's mom. Sammy is 12 years old, right now. He is really awesome and lots of people told me I should have a website to chart his awesomeness. So here it is. You may think he is an ordinary 12 year old, but give this blog a chance and you will be a believer. Sammy is awesome.

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